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Honor Among Villains

These two military men featured in the documentary were part of a conspiracy that tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of people. When asked why he came forward, one of them stated that he wanted to clear his conscience. Some people in the western world believe in “Moral Turpitude” as a reason for why people do bad things which means…. Continue reading

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The Bard And The Troll – Part II

Here’s the problem. Once you get public interest in your project, you have a very limited window in which to exploit that interest before the world moves on to the next buzz feed. Blowing that opportunity would be irresponsible for those in control of the film’s elements. And, on top of that, you never release footage that is not finished (which was the case with this film at the time). While changing technology (the death of film and the un-affordability of the digital intermediate workflow) and technical problems with the sound were causes for putting the production on hold, another was the lack of cooperation from talent. Earlier, I alluded to the responsibility…… Continue reading

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The Bard And The Troll: Part I

It shocked me pretty hard because it was so unexpected. I had heard of this happening to others but I didn’t realize how disturbing the comments could be until I felt the sting myself. This particular troll was a former acquaintance that I had cast in a movie several years ago. The project had gotten most of the way through post-production when… Continue reading

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