I’m a writer, filmmaker, and sports media professional from Austin, Texas.  This site is basically my life as I ramble along, memories that I entertain myself with when my mind wanders.  I enjoyed writing in high school and college when film became my main focus.  I’ve learned, like my grandfather many decades before me, that the entertainment industry can be selfish and consuming of all of your resources, but creating is something that’s ingrained in the artist no matter where we stack up in the business side of the lifestyle.  I used to complain that musicians had it easy because all they need is a guitar and a pen to be creative whereas filmmakers need so much more.  We’ll that’s a cop out.  Since the last movie project broke the bank, I’m back to writing.  Once you go down the production road, it’s pretty intense and time consuming so, I decided to blog in order to do some shorter form stuff and keep the creative juices flowing.  When I was recently asked why I write, the strongest feeling I got was this:  “I write because stuff happened and I don’t want to lose the memories or forget who I was, or sight of who I’m going to be”.  Another reason is to practice telling stories, the form of novels, stage plays and screenplays.  If you like the posts, leave a comments, share the post or hit the like button real quick.