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Coffee Update June 12th 2017 – Crowd Funding Levels the Playing Field

If the studios lose money, then its the business that takes the direct hit, not the individual producer or director because they still get paid. If I fail, then I take the hit which is obviously not a sustainable model for independent film production. Now that we have crowdfunding… Continue reading

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Coffee Update June 5th – Crowd Funding Develops Talent

Crowd Funding is a giant development that all independent artists should be using. I don’t want to get too academic here, but I have something to say about the subject and this is a blog so here it goes… Continue reading

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No Bounce

I tripped on a tree root and flew forward only to pop back up like a weeble wobble a half second later. While I like to brag about that, nothing beats the college feat when I fell off the Dessau Hall stage, backwards, while filming a movie, without knowing it…….. and stuck the landing.
It was our first year in the program. I didn’t know anybody when I started out so…
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Martin Scorsese Notes: Film is Dead

litany of problems that pushed me towards a new frame of mind (but the list is long). Instead, I’ll generalize and say that I embrace the change. Hey… progress! In hindsight, I can say new attitude is priceless, but like most people raised with tradition, in the beginning, I cursed change. A) it’s different B) the old way felt more organic and really did force us to think and learn and master the craft C) the new digital equipment was then so expensive that only the likes of George Lucas Continue reading

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Independent Film and Fortuitous Accidents

A couple weeks ago, the sound editing for “The Land” began.  The composer will be starting his work too, so I need to deliver notes and temp music soon.  One of the films that I’m scouring for samples is Martin … Continue reading

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