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Honor Among Villains

These two military men featured in the documentary were part of a conspiracy that tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of people. When asked why he came forward, one of them stated that he wanted to clear his conscience. Some people in the western world believe in “Moral Turpitude” as a reason for why people do bad things which means…. Continue reading

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The Bard And The Troll – Part II

Here’s the problem. Once you get public interest in your project, you have a very limited window in which to exploit that interest before the world moves on to the next buzz feed. Blowing that opportunity would be irresponsible for those in control of the film’s elements. And, on top of that, you never release footage that is not finished (which was the case with this film at the time). While changing technology (the death of film and the un-affordability of the digital intermediate workflow) and technical problems with the sound were causes for putting the production on hold, another was the lack of cooperation from talent. Earlier, I alluded to the responsibility…… Continue reading

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Heavy Half

This was the first time I had been to the cabin so, I wasn’t familiar with the treacherous manner of egress. As we drove through the gate, we were rocking to GNR, Pearl Jam, or Stone Temple Pilots (cant remember which). Over the sounds coming from the stereo he yelled out, “take a right”, something…something. Apparently he meant AFTER the bridge that was completely obscured from view. I didn’t realize where we were ,so just following instructions, swung the wheel right. Mike yelled out, “NO, NOT HERE!” as the entire truck tipped forward…. Continue reading

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Quote Challenge D.W. Griffith – Day 1

…after producers refused his proposition to film a story that he wrote based on the history of the American civil war era. He was hired to be an actor instead, and after Griffith had played in so many films that he knew how they got made, a producer needed someone to direct and and he took the reigns. After 7 or 8 years of bucking the system… Continue reading

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Best Holiday Memory Ever

When I was a kid, my family would often take a day trip for the 4th of July. One of the best trips around was a 2 hour ride west to “The Big D” to take in a ball game. This is one of my favorite memories because in those days, everything seemed perfect. My sisters and I had plenty of friends, the pressures of life in America were relatively low for kids in a middle class family, and we were too young to realize that the family car wasn’t cool (It would be a couple more years… Continue reading

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Ramadans and Ragamuffins

…he must have believed that Christians always do what they should based on scripture (which we don’t) and though flawed (Romans 3:23), eventually our people will all come around (which we won’t). We hear a lot of anti-muslim rhetoric in the post 911 era, and the president refuses to label terrorist attacks for what they are – two extreme sides of the same polarized society coin. In this post-industrial age that we find ourselves thrown into, there’s a lot of space in-between two poles of any issue and thats where the peace is. Middle Eastern countries….. Continue reading

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My Life as a Ragamuffin

When I was 28, I bought my house in South Austin. A couple years later, Southpark Meadows, which had been an outdoor music venue for alternative rock acts in the 90s, was being repurposed into a 700 acre shopping center. In my 20’s, I hated shopping. I was a ragamuffin and loved it. I didn’t care about….. Continue reading

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Liebster Award! Q&A with your favorite Blogger

Cool, I don’t usually get awards because my day to day work is fairly transparent to the rest of the world. Maybe I can use this nomination to build some momentum and work towards future accolades. So, to start, thanks to Ridiculous Bharath for the nomination.
The questions are……..
Continue reading

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Hey!  What Do I look like…a Cup Cake?

The adjustment went fine. Snap, Crackle, Pop…60 seconds later, D-U-N, done. Nothing scary or quackish there. The thing that struck me as odd was the follow up treatment. So, the attendant leads me into a darkish room and I’m now laying on the “traction bed” looking up at the ceiling at four lights that are so dim, they don’t seem to be functional. The attendant disappears beside the bed while I stare at the toy lights. I hear the twist of a…. Continue reading

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Ant Lions and Tree houses

The ant lion incident is one that I remember every time I have to sit down and write a new blog post, or do any other creative work, and I have no idea how to start. So I decided, for this assignment, to write a letter to my six year old self and hand down some wisdom that I’ve learned over the years about doing stuff that’s hard. Continue reading

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