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Ant Lions and Tree houses

The ant lion incident is one that I remember every time I have to sit down and write a new blog post, or do any other creative work, and I have no idea how to start. So I decided, for this assignment, to write a letter to my six year old self and hand down some wisdom that I’ve learned over the years about doing stuff that’s hard. Continue reading

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I finally had to concede and resort to a slightly insipid statement. “Creative people are just different”, I said. Maybe, what I meant was that these differences of perspective and social needs, between artists and others creates a clash between the traditional “home” and the inner voice that leads us to be “at home” when we’re living into our creative personality by practicing our craft. Continue reading

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You’d think that it would make me feel like an outsider but in hindsight, it did just the opposite. It turned out to be quite fun for 7 year olds. After a year or two, when my classmates and I became part of “the club” at Andy Woods Elementary, each time the role was called by a sub, all of the girls in the class would sound off in unison with the correct pronunciation! Does that mean I was popular? Continue reading

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