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…..ambulance….where’s my phone?….I don’t know…..where am I?…I’m next to that one school on that one road……What’s the name of the road?…..I know this road…..why can’t I remember the name?……F—! What the hell is happening?”, I thought as my entire body started to seize…. Continue reading

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Summer Before High School – First Solo Sneak Out – Part 2

Since there were ten or more balls out at once, and thirty or so kids fighting for the rebound, it was a madhouse. This is where I got into my first fight. There was a kid named Derick Babcock. He didn’t seem very intimidating to me at the time but, in hindsight he and his brother Zach had major entitlement issues. This wasn’t uncommon with a certain class of people. This class was somewhat manipulative and didn’t treat people… Continue reading

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