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Uncle Tom Goes to The Line (Mom Saves the Day). Mother’s Day Trilogy 2017: Episode 2

The Mom power has started to kick in and she starts to sense that somethin’s up. She tries to interject in a low voice, “Biiiiill”. Uncle Tom is starting to get a little uncomfortable but plays along. My dad isn’t listening. He persists,”Come on…..pop the trunk! It’s soooooo smaaaaall”…… I know what she’s thinking….”The kid is 19. When he crossed the stage in cap and gown, the Mom role went to part time. Whatever he’s got in that trunk….I don’t even want to know”. With partially clenched teeth, the Mom voice…. Continue reading

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A Boxer Shorts Slumber Party (Mom’s on the Floor Again) Mother’s Day Trilogy 2017: Episode 1

the sisters gifted me a really nice pair of boxer shorts, silk, featuring a classy paisley pattern. As we began to break out into our own corners of the house to get ready, Mom pulls me aside and with a smirk on her face, she says, “You know…those shorts have a button on the front. You have be careful with those”. As usual… Continue reading

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