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Coffee Update: 06/26/2017

Coffee Update: 1) More NBA again next season 2)Moving on from AFF Screenplay competition 3)Studying Acting Continue reading

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Lil Chickies, Red Radishes, and Mexican Mama’s

It’s so remote they have their own unique Italian dialect even to this day. I think the Pavias may have once been Catholic because Grandma Naleid grew up in a household with twelve kids…..TWELVE! They say that when number twelve hit the scene, the priest made a special trip to the Pavia household, sat great Grandpa Pavia down and was like, “Dude…You gotta chill.” Apparently he took the hint. As a youth…. Continue reading

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No Bounce

I tripped on a tree root and flew forward only to pop back up like a weeble wobble a half second later. While I like to brag about that, nothing beats the college feat when I fell off the Dessau Hall stage, backwards, while filming a movie, without knowing it…….. and stuck the landing.
It was our first year in the program. I didn’t know anybody when I started out so…
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The Bard And The Troll: Part I

It shocked me pretty hard because it was so unexpected. I had heard of this happening to others but I didn’t realize how disturbing the comments could be until I felt the sting myself. This particular troll was a former acquaintance that I had cast in a movie several years ago. The project had gotten most of the way through post-production when… Continue reading

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