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Uncle Tom Goes to The Line (Mom Saves the Day). Mother’s Day Trilogy 2017: Episode 2

The Mom power has started to kick in and she starts to sense that somethin’s up. She tries to interject in a low voice, “Biiiiill”. Uncle Tom is starting to get a little uncomfortable but plays along. My dad isn’t listening. He persists,”Come on…..pop the trunk! It’s soooooo smaaaaall”…… I know what she’s thinking….”The kid is 19. When he crossed the stage in cap and gown, the Mom role went to part time. Whatever he’s got in that trunk….I don’t even want to know”. With partially clenched teeth, the Mom voice…. Continue reading

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It’s Friday

Now…there are those times when a plan just comes off perfect. It’s not all the time. It’s not even most of the time. Some of the time, you even fall flat, right into a pile of embarrassment. But, if you don’t ever take risks, then you’ll never have a story to tell where all the planets align and you get to be a hero. This day is one of those days where it all pans out so well that I won’t even try to take all the credit. There were no cell phones, so I couldn’t call anyone inside to find out when a scary scene was coming up. No matter. When you don’t have enough information, you’re going off your gut, and the universe comes alongside and shows you the way. And that makes success smell all the more sweet. I had a plan, so… Continue reading

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Flux Capacitor Optional

…at that, I realize that I had probably used one too many napkins about a half a pint in to the project and feel obliged to tell her the story about 1993 and the prettiest girl in Texas to make up for depleting her paper stock. She sympathizes and says, “Ooohhhh…that’s rough” and then jokes that, “all the cocktail napkins in the world aren’t going to make up for that bonehead move”. As she replenishes the dispenser…. Continue reading

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The Dukes of Smith County (AKA: Dude, I lost my muffins)

…Josh seconds my motion to stop off and fuel up (I’m craving some blueberry muffins and a Dr. Pepper). As I pop open the package we get back onto the road and checked the route. Here’s the next logistics problem. We failed to go over the plan in advance and with less than a year of driving experience, don’t know the city roads well. Checking the clock, Josh gets nervous because if we don’t deliver all of the papers by the deadline, the customers don’t have to pay the bill and he gets docked or maybe even fired. Since we’re behind schedule, he’s driving like a bat out of hell. I’m not feelin’ the rush so I’m like, “dude, you don’t have to speed, the papers aren’t going anywhere”. Not only does he ignore my advise, but … Continue reading

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Short Stories: Summer before High School – Part 1: The Fireworks Show

I was still one year away from hiring age, so had to resort to mowing yards if I wanted to earn more money than my allowance gave; that or go back to lumber-jacking on the farm, which was one of the hardest, hottest, exhausting, sweaty and risky…. Continue reading

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