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Heavy Half

This was the first time I had been to the cabin so, I wasn’t familiar with the treacherous manner of egress. As we drove through the gate, we were rocking to GNR, Pearl Jam, or Stone Temple Pilots (cant remember which). Over the sounds coming from the stereo he yelled out, “take a right”, something…something. Apparently he meant AFTER the bridge that was completely obscured from view. I didn’t realize where we were ,so just following instructions, swung the wheel right. Mike yelled out, “NO, NOT HERE!” as the entire truck tipped forward…. Continue reading

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Summer Before High School – First Solo Sneak Out – part 1

The team was on point that night and we finished up quickly as the Chevy Suburban getaway car pulled up around the corner. Somebody whispered loudly..”Let’s Go!”, and we all ran back out to the street and piled in, expecting our “evacuation specialist” to peel out and put distance between us and the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. But…. Continue reading

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