Liebster Award! Q&A with your favorite Blogger

I’ve been nominated for an Award!

The rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you

•Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

•Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award.

•Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

•Ask them 11 questions.

Cool, I don’t usually get awards because my day to day work is fairly transparent to the rest of the world.  Maybe I can use this nomination to build some momentum and work towards future accolades.  So, to start, thanks to Ridiculous Bharath for the nomination.

The questions:

1.What do you admire the most about yourself?

I’d say that doing a hard job that involves dealing with conflict has made me stronger.  When I was younger I needed everyone to like me but the reality of the world is that many people do not, particularly when we live into our full authenticity and develop the ability to stand up for what’s right, which is often not very popular.  It turns out that what doesn’t kill you actually does make you stronger and things that are not fun does build character.

2.What are the things that make you happy?

1) Doing something hard that I didn’t think I could do

2) Winning

3) When I lose but, through the failure, see the big picture and find the positive experience and turn that loss into a W

4) Telling a good story

5) Flying

6) Getting better at things that I was never good at

3.If there is one thing that could make you smile in an instant, what would it be?

Talking to a friend and improvising comical dialogue

4.What’s your weekend like?

Just like my weekday only with more cleaning

5.What are your weekdays like?

Just like my weekends but with more “to do listing”

6.What would your ideal dinner date be like?

Taking a road trip through the country to an out of the way, nice restaurant with character and nice ambiance, stopping on the way to see a landmark, a live music act, or a natural area with some kind of history and take a few pictures with my date before heading on to the dinner spot

7.What genre of movies do you like? Why?

I like Film Noir becuse I’m a sucker for suspense drama and I like New Wave because a lot of it combines captivating theatrical drama, with cinematic treatment which is an art in and of itself.  Also 90’s era indie film (if that is a genre), because they adapt theatrical stage plays to the screen because, I don’t live in New York and don’t have access to many high quality plays and also because I like what the camera perspective ads to the dialogue and the performance

8.Are you a cat person or dog? 

Both.  Growing up I had two cats.  My first cat was a stray who ate my peppermint stick piece that I dropped.  I named her Candy.  Candy had three kittens the following year, named Buttons, Tigger and Tiger.  I got the pick of the litter and the other two were given away.  I chose to keep Buttons.  My two cats and I lived together until I went away to college ten years later.  They were an perfect fit at that time of my life.  Now I have Snoop to tha’ D-O-single G.  Snoop is my first dog (except for the stray that I had for a week in high school).  He’s goofy, an awesome dog and I try to include him in my social media and writing whenever possible


9.Do you play any sport? What’s your favorite?

I played lots of sports growing up.  My favorite in my youth was baseball.  I like to play not watch…unless I’m at the ballpark which is a lot of fun.  I pay the closest attention to the NBA western conference (San Antonio Spurs mostly) and UT college sports.

These days the only sport I play is indie film production.  I know it doesn’t sound like a sport.  To the untrained eye it looks like a lot of hanging out in coffee shops, skipping meals, smoking cigarettes and not going to the gym, but I’ve found out that in order to do it well, the exact opposite is true.  It’s very physically and mentally demanding.  As I like to say, “filmmaking ain’t no spectator sport”

LOT Steadycam Shot

Steady Cam Shot

LOT Me Marcus Taylor

Me Taylor and Marcus running lines

LOT Roof shot

Shooting the roof scene


10.Morning rides or night rides? 

I have no preference.  The morning is nice because it’s a time of day that is very pleasant in Texas and it makes me feel like I’m highly productive and plugged into the world.  But, the night ride helps my creative process much, much, more

11.Do you believe in karma?

Where I come from, we don’t call it karma or believe in a supernatural force that is not connected with God (not sure if this is an accurate description of the concept or not) but there is plenty of wisdom in the Christian Bible regarding relationships that would suggest that good acts are an essential part of the fabric of a universe where human beings are one full half of the core of our existence


I Nominate: nyshachen.wordpress.comridiculousbharath.wordpress.comthedomesticman.comPOLINA

My questions to them are:

  1. What do you find about your work that is difficult yet rewarding?
  2. When did you first discover your talents?
  3. Do you like working early in the morning or late at night?
  4. How do you deal with creative block?
  5. What’s your favorite brain food?
  6. What’s your favorite comfort food?
  7. Where do you find communion with your creative side, City, Country, or elsewhere?
  8. Are Masters of craft born or created through work and training?
  9. What is your favorite era for Cinema, Music, Art or culture in general?
  10. Who is your favorite Artist and why?
  11. If you could travel back in time to any place, any time, when and where would it be?


About RealBlake

Blake is a Filmmaker, Writer, and Sports Media professional from Austin, TX. He studied Film Production and Advertising at UT Austin. When not supporting NBA Entertainment on live sports productions, he likes to train Krav Maga, travel, and collaborate with other creatives on visual storytelling in the film/TV medium.
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