Mom Power (The Way of The Mom) Mother’s Day Trilogy: Episode 3

With the first two posts in this series, I start slow (if this is your first look at the story, I suggest you go back and read the first two episodes using the links below).  The purpose; ease you into information that many will consider fluff or conspiracy theory.  And maybe it is.  Maybe I’m crazy or some kind of neurotic, wanna be story teller with nothing better to do than make up ridiculous conspiracies.  Sure, that’s a possibility.  I mean….

…this is Austin, TX and we do have 20 years worth of Alex Jones under our belt (lol).  But, seriously, it’s undeniable that Mom’s do have “a way”.  We all know that but we don’t ever give it any deeper thought, assuming that it’s some kind of inexplicable intuition; a product of, maybe, some collective feminine consciousness.  And to a degree it is, but by this point in the story, I have already invited the skeptical reader to consider the possibility that there is something more organized, more concrete, more tangible at work.  In the first story, my own mom’s premonition predicts the impending disaster that would not come for several months.  In the second, we get a little deeper into the way, with another real world example of Mom Power in action with both a premonition and the use of mind control to steer the family clear of impending calamity, avoiding unnecessary drama.  Now that you’ve had a chance to consider these events and, most likely, recall specific situations in your own lives where you’ve witnessed similar use of this, so called, “women’s intuition”, I think you’re adequately prepared to find out the truth.  It’s unconventional but the truth often is, especially truths that involve the mystical arts.  This story is the truth about an ancient order, the existence of which we’ve all been fooled into completely ignoring.  (Hand wipes in front of your face….”These are not the Moms you are looking for”).

When I first got to Austin as a college student, my friends and I went down to 6th street just about every weekend, but these days I save my drinking for Church.  The difference between pub church and a traditional Christian church (aside from the beer and wine) is that they take perspective and dialogue very seriously (at my traditional Baptist church, they claim the same but it’s often just lip service).  This particular Sunday, the guest speaker focused on the subject of transcendence.  He brought to the conversation quotes from various authors and poets who, throughout history experienced some form of transcendence and wrote about it.  The concept is an experience, or process of moving beyond a focus on the self and feeling connected with something bigger.  With all the science and technology in today’s world, it’s hard to find people who have transcended themselves and I doubt that there’s any kind of fool proof formula for finding the path through the thick underbrush of 21st century pop culture.  However, if there were a way of life that brought any human being closer to discovery, it would be that of the Mom. The Bible says to honor your parents.  Even the non-religious would agree that you have to appreciate the Mom.  Otherwise we would be a society of irreverence, and if Greek tragedy taught us anything, irreverence has been the downfall of many a powerful man.  Moms give 99.9% of themselves to their family.  They sacrifice much to experience the joy of raising ungrateful children in a selfish world.

Not all Mom’s are homemakers but ours was, and as such she enjoyed the blessing and bore the curse.  The blessing is, the experience comes stock with a crystal clear lens, unfiltered by consumerism and politics, for a singular perspective.  The curse is, the perspective is alternative, purpose built (arguably) to impinge on a world defined by convention.  Since convention controls our society, those who don’t drink the Kool-Aid find that the road can and will get more difficult.  This homemaker sect of Moms are a unique social resource because their station in life allows them to become experts in this alternative way of seeing.  They don’t get caught up in the rat race, the deadlines, and the wall street mentality where progress and prosperity are gauged by a number at the end of a quarterly balance sheet.  This frees them up to focus on the important things in life, learn it well and then pass along these important lessons to us in the short 18 years of our youth; lessons in the form of experiences that will shape our subconscious in a way that helps us grow into happy, healthy, adults guided by an internal voice that illuminates the difference between right and wrong, provides encouragement when reality presents a challenge, and ups the stakes, forcing us to risk the prosperity that we’ve worked so long and hard for.  The risk is in using every opportunity to do what’s right in spite of being unpopular; our own leap towards transcendence.  It’s a hard job for the Sect, but success means that we stay true to our Mom worthy values; values that can be traced back to the dawn of the modern free world.  Failure, on the other hand, means….well, I’d rather not speculate.  One such value that we’ve lost in the information age is, “Prosper? Yes!….but not by the deception of another”.  Historically, in a western society defined by the concept of “rational man”, to prosper by deception is to cause Harm“.  Logically, it’s not very debatable, but unfortunately, the transcendent egalitarianism that made the market system revolutionary has given way to a selfishness that slowly morphed our society into its current state where the upper class is growing and the middle class is shrinking.  To re-create that ideal world free of the wanton pursuit of self interest is a monumental task that has not been accomplished by either presidents or pastors; not even Superman himself.  Enter the Mom, an unlikely superhero.  She’s not the first hero in the west to hail from regular society, unblessed with super-human powers; no gene mutation catalyzed by the absorption of the radioactive energy of a foreign sun, no venom from a contaminated insect or exposure to random contaminants in a freak science lab explosion.  However, “The Way of The Mom” and its power possibly explain the existence of the only race of superheroes whose powers, though not superhuman, are likely supernatural and capable of bringing the most egotistical super-men of society into check.  Powers…the origins of which…we can only speculate.

Being a guy, I’m not supposed to have this information.  The secret of Mom Power is one that has been carefully guarded for God only knows how long.  It’s a mystical art and like all mystical arts, the power is coveted by unscrupulous manipulators the world over.  If it falls into the wrong hands, it would surely wreak havoc on humanity.  Not because the bad guys would acquire a weapon that makes them stronger (this is what all villains, in their infinite greed and stupidity, always think), but because the universal untraceable source of Mom power, like that of the Lost Arc in the first Indiana Jones movie, is not a manifestation of the dark side but one of light.  Those foreign to “The Way”, those without reverence for the light who dare attempt to wield its powers are destined to destroy themselves…and us in the process.

I know what you’re thinking:

First, “How did you come by the knowledge when every other individual in the universe un-initiated into the Sect of the Mom, who has experienced their mystical power, is unaware of its existence?” Because, in what some would call a lapse of judgement by a sect member, I saw it and felt it at an age when my rational mind could no longer ignore certain realities.  To the second half of the question, I say that all mystical arts are easy to obscure in a collective consciousness that still clings to the scientific mindset of the 20th century industrial age.  For most people reared in the age of science, If something cannot be proven by a positivistic, scientific formula, then that thing is not real.  This is the nature of the smoke and mirrors used by the practitioners of “The Way” to keep secrets of the utmost importance as they engage an unruly male dominated society on their quest to subvert the ill effects of an over-reliance on testosterone and scientific theory, by the insinuation of conscience back into the fabric of our wayward social institutions.  In short, science is used to obscure the thing that will one day, hopefully, eradicate the pandemic of the scientific, modernistic thought paradigm that has, over the last 500 years, overrun the western mind like an invasive species of super-weed choking out our natural ability to relate to and understand a deeper truth.  Ironic?  On the surface it would seem so, however this is the brilliance of nature at work.  If the Sect of the Mom is successful, then society will break through the barrier that obfuscates transcendence and this will create a sense of reverence in society at all levels. True, a return to reverence by force will shine a bright spotlight on the secret arts leaving them secret no longer, however the resulting social balance will also render them obsolete at which point they will fade into obscurity; the powers lying dormant only to resurface in the fantastical plots of mythical storytellers, until the next era of brokenness emerges, defined and defiled by the hubris of empire (and if history is any indication, it surely will).

Second, “If the information is so secret and potentially damaging, then why are you revealing it to the world?” While Mom’s are the best example of reverent souls, they are also human.  In the same way that women have proven themselves capable of doing anything a man can do, as well or better, there’s a flip side to that coin.  They have the same capacity for ignoring their inner voice and causing harm.  In an era where the women’s lib movement has culminated in a mass exodus from the profession of “Mom”, many new moms spend a significant amount of time as professional bankers, lawyers, accountants and ______ (fill in the blank…ad infinitum.) which takes away time from the Mom perspective.  I speculate that this restructuring of roles has to dilute the Power by weakening mastery of the craft due to infrequent practice which now makes women succeptible to one other traditionally male characteristic; in laymen’s terms…dumbassery.  Women know this better than anyone so I’m not telling anyone anything new.  They are aware of the risks of the information age which necessitates monitoring the behavior of their members and doling out appropriate consequences for breaking the rules.  When rules are broken by a member of the sect (as in the case of my story), it’s necessary to bring details to light so as to show that the transgression is necessary and other moms would have done the same.  So, to preserve the legacy of my mom as one of the masters, loyal to The Way, I need to explain the events that transpired on the day that I became painfully aware that there was indeed, something bigger than me in the universe.  The secret of how I came to this shocking revelation is the core of the story for which you’ve logged in to discover for yourself.  As for the danger of my disclosures, I point out that we now live in the post-modern world where technology is everywhere.  Documenting the various phenomena of the universe is easier now than ever before.  Regular citizens carry sound recorders and movie cameras around in their pockets, communications companies record and archive everything we say or see electronically, and government espionage is so common, it’s become everyday news.  We’ve gotten to the point where it’s impossible for secrets to exist and this puts the power of the way in jeopardy regardless of my actions.  The tech cannot be un-invented.  Post-modern society is what it is.  Therefore, the logical solution is that Moms should simply be more discreet when using their power, however you’ll soon see it’s not that simple because the thing that draws Moms to The Way, is the same instinct that brings about its use, a 6th sense that fires when stimulated and cannot be scheduled due to the unpredictability of the behavior of the child for whose benefit the power is employed (particularly in the case of boys).  Note also that, as with the ongoing mission of any comic book Superhero, discretion is always needed when saving the day and like the comic book superhero, here it is observed by the Sect of the Mom……usually.  But as we see with fictional superheroes, discretion is of no use if it hampers action.  In the west, we’ve lost the propriety that once governed our social leaders in the form of conscience.  In these dire circumstances where we’re plagued by a great social imbalance, evidenced by global events such as proliferation of natural disasters, terrorism and financial crisis,  propriety must dictate priority.  The mission of the Mom is to restore propriety.  Otherwise the world becomes so corrupted that the day is no longer worth saving.  This means taking a risk with discretion and since the news will get out regardless, I think it better to lead in the process thereby increasing control over interpretation.  And if all else fails, we can always hire out-of-work spin doctors who will be desperate to pay the bills after the collapse of the political science industry that results from the social harmony that ensues after the transition to the post-post-modern era.

Third, “if you’re not supposed to know the secret, how can I trust that your account is authentic”? For the reasons listed above, I predict that you won’t.  Given the amount of garbage on the internet, if you found this webpage and took the time to read through this account, you are probably either a member of the Sect of the Mom or an out of work stoner that has way too much time on his hands.  Either way, I seriously doubt that anyone else will ever believe that any of this is real.  For those who buy into it: #1) Moms already believe, which touches on another point about purpose.  Moms around the world will be nervous with the news that this story has been released to the public, will log on to verify its accuracy and become upset.  They will all meet to discuss what to do about the problem and in the heat of a much overdue dialogue come to realize that it’s a strange new world where new rules and methodologies are desperately needed.  And for the small percentage of stoners who read to the end of this entire account, you are the crazy conspiracy theorists that will work alongside the spin doctors to hide any ill effects of this disclosure.  For the rest, you won’t ever see this paragraph because your mental state reduces your attention span by 50% of us normals, so you’ve already lost interest and flipped over to the pizza delivery app.  Also, these days most stoners are millennials which reduces attention span down another 50%, which means ninety-eight percent of you never logged on because you’re all waiting for the You Tube video to come out (which it never will…See how nature works things out?)

That’s the Why.  Now how about the What.  What is Mom Power & The Way and The Sect?  I’ve been working overtime to crank out this story in only 7 days so you can find out.  Tune in Mother’s day to learn the secret!

………………………………. To Be Continued (05/14/17)



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